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Lists of Recommended Quality Business and Other Schools Worldwide

We represent here a group of schools, which fight for quality education, which leads to successful career for its students, without the need to undergo some of the nonsense that traditional education requires or without the non-solidness, which non-traditional education is sometimes known for. We are not a traditional accrediting agency, and so our requirements are different, more innovative and better suited for today's job market. Traditional accrediting agencies work hand in hand with the traditional educational institution, which they support, where lack of innovation is omnipresent. They also often allow practices which we consider unacceptable and that is elimination of examinations, elimination of seeing the student in person, which allows for cheating on behalf of the student and thus does not guarantee that the graduating student has the knowledge that his degree or diploma represents. We are the guarantors that such situation is prevented as much as possible. Some schools, which we know, we accredit without application - others have to go thought accreditation process and only those, which pass, are added to our list.



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